Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a summer dinner party

Here we are already...enjoying the last dog days of summer and heading into a big holiday weekend.  Now, if you are hosting a Labor Day party and have no idea what you are serving, don't panic(!)...I have an entire entertaining menu for you to try out.  

It's everything you need: a specialty cocktail, a beautiful appetizer, a really easy grilled main course & side salad and a do-ahead dessert.  Plus at the end of the video there is a "game plan" to follow so you are a relaxed hostess-with-the mostess and not scrambling the day of your party.

*Paloma cocktail
*Homemade marinated feta with grilled bread
*Grilled skirt steak with minty chimichurri
*Watermelon salad with cucumber, lime & basil
*Plum clafoutis

I have posted the watermelon salad and marinated feta on lieslicious this summer already, but the other recipes are new and the whole menu goes together really well.

Please check out the guide to preparing this menu on the KIN Community recipe video below.  If the link isn't showing up in your subscriber email (no idea why this happens!), then just click through to and it will be there.

Click here for a link to a text version of all the recipes.

Thanks and have a great Labor Day!

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  1. Your recipes ideas are simply great for a summer dinner party and really thankful that you shared them here. I wish I could have found your post earlier as just few days ago hosted a dinner party at LA venues and had planned the party myself.